“Big Boss FIFA” supports hosting the World Cup every 2 years

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FIFA president Gianni Infantino has said that hosting the World Cup every two years does not make the competition any less magical.

FIFA has been pushing forward with the idea of ​​hosting a WorldCup final every two years instead of four years ago

, with support and dissent. However, Infantino Big Boss FIFA sees “Football is a 48-team finals (in 2026) it was decided to be” , “on the grounds that it would be held every two years or four years, it is still in discussions”

FIFA has already expanded the 2026 to 48 teams, with a total of 80 games. It also has plans to launch an annual 24-team Club World Cup. The changes are the brainchild of current president Gianni Infantino, who succeeded Blatter in 2016.

with the said. “The prestige of the competition depends on its quality. It doesn’t depend on how often it is held.”

“You have a Super Bowl (American football) every year. You have Wimbledon or the Champions League. Every year and everyone is excited about it,” he said to ufabet .

Each season would then end with a major tournament in June. For example in 2028 there would be a World Cup. In 2029 there would be a European Championship (and similar continental competitions around the world) then in 2030 there would be the next World Cup.