Porro defies news after grandfa says he will not move to Real Madrid

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Sporting Lisbon’s on-loan right-back Pedro Porro has come out to clear the news. After it was reported that his grandfather gave an interview that his grandchildren would absolutely not move to Real Madrid,

The 22-year-old moved from Manchester City to Sporting on a two-season loan deal. Contributed to the team to win the Portuguese League last season.

Such work has earned him the attention of various teams. It was reported that “White King” was interesting was that the race to join the team

, however, the grandfather of Puerto Madero, which is a fan of Barcelona, in an interview with AS that his own without moving to Villarreal. Madrid, in

addition, the grandfather also added that his grandchildren would choose to join Atletico Madrid if they go to the Spanish capital. Because a coach like Diego Simeone is a brave person.

That prompted him to come out to solve such news. He insisted that he was open to moving to Real Madrid.

“I learned that my grandfather said that his grandchildren would never play for Real Madrid. I don’t think Grandfather would say that. ” Porro said

About this ‘news’, I want to make it clear that Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world. And every player wants to play with teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid and others. Playing with those teams is every player’s dream.

However, I’m currently playing for the Portuguese champions, who are great teams, and my only focus right now is winning trophies. with the next team.”