Popular low carb diets.

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People often use low carb diets to promote weight loss and stabilize blood sugar levels. Though guidelines can vary, low carb diets typically limit foods high in carbs or added sugar

Here are a few of the most popular low carb eating patterns:

Ketogenic (keto) diet: This low carb, high fat eating pattern limits daily carb intake to less than 10% of total calories. Or around 20–50 g of carbs. The keto diet also encourages using high fat ingredients like avocados, olive oil, full-fat dairy products and coconut oil 

Atkins diet: This low carb, high protein diet is typically divided into multiple phases. Which vary in terms of your daily carb allowance. During the first phase of the Atkins diet, carb intake is limited to 20–40 g per day. Depending on which plan you choose. Over the duration of the diet. Your intake gradually increases but typically doesn’t exceed 100 g per day. ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app

South Beach diet: In addition to reducing carb intake, the South Beach diet encourages lean meats and heart-healthy fats. During the initial phase, grains and fruits are also off-limits. You’ll gradually add these foods back into the diet during the second and third phases of the plan.

Paleo diet: Designed to mimic the eating patterns of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, the Paleo diet encourages foods like meats, fruits, and vegetables. The paleo diet isn’t intended to be a low carb diet. But it’s naturally low in carbs as it eliminates many carb-rich foods, including grains, legumes, and dairy products.

Dukan diet: The Dukan diet is a restrictive, low carb diet that’s high in protein and low in fat. It encourages “pure protein” like lean meats. It’s divided into four phases designed to help you reach your weight loss goals.