Chelsea expensive wage to lure Gabi to join the team.

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Chelsea are ready to pay a very expensive wage to lure Gabi to join the team.

Chelsea are ready to offer huge wages to persuade Barcelona midfielder Gabi to join the club. Ready to make him one of the highest paid players in the Premier League ever.

The future of the 18-year-old midfielder has started to be scrutinized as Barcelona are unable to register the player. Even if they caught the players and signed a new contract due to their ongoing financial problems

It has been revealed that a representative from Chelsea has met with the Spain midfielder’s agent. To discuss the possibility of moving the team this summer. More discussions expect soon.

According to UFABET, Chelsea are ready to spend big to persuade Gabi to join Stamford Bridge.

The media stated that the first meeting was satisfactory for all parties involved. And expect a second talk soon to discuss the next steps.

The second is expected to feature Todd Boehly, as well as Gabi’s parents. Including the agent of the player like Ivan de la Peña.

This has been going on for a long time between Barcelona and La Liga.

When Barca signed Gabi as a first-team player. Since September last year. But Lagika refused because Barca had a problem with wages exceeding the ceiling set, which Barca brought the matter to court. Before last month A court will rule in favor of Gabi playing as a first-team player, but La Liga has appealed. With the reason that Barcelona filed a lawsuit later than the scheduled time of 1 day

before last The court will reverse the decision. Suspension of Gabi’s contract and registration, although Gabi will still be able to enter the field for the team as before. But it will be as a young player. and had to change from number 6 back to number 30 as before. Including causing Gabi, whose youth contract is about to expire this summer Risk of moving to another team without a fee. Which is expected that Barca will definitely prepare to appeal this decision. But had to adjust the team’s wage structure to pass La Liga’s financial rules.