Conte Accepts Don’t compare the Spur to the Inter Milan

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Tottenham hotspur‘s Antonio Conte has admitted he may need two years to develop the north London side.

On Thursday night, the Italian manager took charge of the roosters for the first time after.

Replacing the relegated Nuno Espirito Santo in the Europa conference league group G.

Where they opened the scoring 3-0, But then had a 3-2 draw and sealed three slips, with Tottenham hit in the 60th minute by christian Romero, but they sustained a 3-2 victory that put them in the top of the group.

After the game, a reporter asked if the team’s condition was now. Tottenham, better or worse than his former team Inter Milan, to which Conte replied: “it is impossible now to

compare it to this, at Inter Milan i have got a ready-made squad after two years in charge. my hope is not hope… i’m sure if i had time to work with this set of players, if i had time. i’m sure we’ll have a lot of points that can improve for every player: “of course if you can develop every player, that means the whole team will be stronger.

We need to do this. we have to have time to work.” “it’s not a good time

this weekend Tottenham, who have lost two premier league matches in a row, have lost two in a row. there is a trip to everton. a team that is in poor form because it hasn’t won in four games and lost its last three games.