‘Frank’ is pleased with the news of Arsenal. And Manchester United

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Brentford boss Thomas Frank admits the speculation has been linked to Arsenal. And Manchester United is very good. But he is still happy with the club.

“The Bees” stepped up to play in the Premier League this season with impressive results at the start of the season. and from such works Danish coach Has been linked to several clubs.

“Cannons” of Mikel Arteta and “Red Devils” of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are rumored to be keeping an eye on Frank’s work for an opportunity to be approached. Jobs Frank said:

“I understand that very well, but… Arsenal and Man United, right? I think I’ve read it before.”

“It’s really good. But on the one hand, it’s just a rumour. On the other hand, I don’t know if they really want to contact me or not. We have to start right here.”

“I have a contract until 2023, I’m still very happy with Brentford. This is a club that means a lot to me. And I had a great time, “

” I enjoy working with our management team owners, players, officials and fans will be “

” a club that Eta’s decision about me. But now we have to see what the future will look like. I know that we respect each other. There is a good relationship with each other in this regard.”