Henry not sure if Mikel Arteta is taking the gun in the right direction or not.

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry It is uncertain whether the former club are moving in the right direction under manager Mikel Arteta after starting the Premier League season with three straight defeats, but the Gunners have not. They have lost four in a row, three wins, and one of them was at home to Tottenham Hotspur, before stumbling to a 0-0 draw in their latest visit to Brighton, Henry said.

The situation of the team right now that “I don’t know if it’s going in the right direction. I watched the game against Brighton. Did you watch it?”

“I watched the game we beat Norwich earlier. Victory game against Burnley The opening game against Tottenham… We beat Tottenham at home always, “

” I am extremely happy when we beat Tottenham Hotspur win because we are in the door. But I’m looking forward to our performance in the away game against a team that focuses on passing the ball. And it turns out that we have a problem.”

Arsenal win the ball game, it was about 42 percent as likely to shoot at least 8 to 21 times the ball was passed less than 526 to 663 times

Henri said, “When we are accustomed to defeat. or even after I moved out of the team There was talk that Arsenal didn’t plan two and they passed too many passes just to get the ball,

but against Brighton I didn’t see that. I saw Brighton as my replacement,” he said

after Arsenal’s international break against Crystal Palace on Monday night.