“Lingard” gives credit to “Mourinho” for giving the winner spirit

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Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard has credited former boss Jose Mourinho for making him a winner. Ready to reveal that this coach cares about his team very much.

Portuguese coach Taking over the reins of the “Red Devils” in 2016 before being sacked at the end of 2018,

Mourinho guided United to the Europa League and League Cup in 2016/17, the latest they’ve won. The trophy was successfully

won. Lingard wrote to the former boss. By pointing out that it was the person who gave him the winner. He also pays a lot of attention to his players.

“I must say, overall, I have a great relationship with Jose,” he wrote in the Players Tribune.

“He was good to me and gave me trust, before the injury, he played me in important games. We won together and he made me a winner. He can take that part out of you.”

“He also likes to have a personal relationship with his teammates. Sometimes, when I look at my phone, I see that he, Facetime, comes in out of business. Just calling.”

“At first I felt weird. He calls in and asks something like ‘Hey Jesse! What are you doing?’ I replied like, ‘Um, I didn’t do anything. Keep watching TV…(Awkward silence)…What about you?'”

“Haha, I think it’s funny. And to be honest it shows how much he cares about his players.”