Lingard reveals that banning cell phone is good for mental health

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Jesse Lingard midfielder of Manchester United accepted that ban cell phone use of West Ham United, relieve mental health problems were much racing age 28 moved with West Ham United.In the past January.

The England midfielder has previously revealed he has mental health issues. 

Until having to turn to alcohol Before moving to the reincarnation of the famous London team,


recently revealed that the measures to control cell phone use at West Ham have greatly helped alleviate his mental health problems.

“In life off the field I’m very addicted to mobile I only looked down at my cell phone. When you talk to me you only get ‘hmm’, but I’m not really listening to you. I absorb it all Emotions and stresses.”

“I remember going out for the first away game. I was in the back of his car (David Moyes) when we went to the airport, it was just me, him and Aaron Creswell. As usual, but he doesn’t do anything like that.”

“He turned to me and said, ‘Don’t play on the phone! Here we talk.’ I was like, ‘Okay,

fine .'” “When I got on the plane. I picked up my headphones and listened to music as usual, but Nobbs (Mark Noble) and the others wouldn’t let me.”

“It’s like that everywhere at West Ham we talk normally about everything, no phone calls or social media, there’s no more ‘ummm’ answers if we have dinner together. We will sit and talk as a nation. It helps build relationships in the team. And personally it has helped me a lot.”