Liverpool offers 350 k/w to tie ‘Mohamed Salah’

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Liverpool owner Prepare to offer an offer worth more than 82 million pounds. For a contract with Mohamed Salah, a painkiller wing reported that Fenway. Sport Group has foreseen an extension of the contract with the Egyptian national team star player. Should be a special case and deserves a salary that reflects his role.

The source said that the board wanted to end rumors of the future of “Bang Mo” and officially announced a contract renewal before the new year.

It is estimated that the figure offered to Salah at this time is £350,000-a-week wages. which includes various bonuses,

that makes such a contract Turning to 2026, his total value is over £82 million and immediately makes Salah the club’s highest-paid player.

At the end of his contract, Salah will turn 34 years old, but the Reds’ board is still confident that he will be able to produce effective results at that time.

Liverpool appears to be relatively close to their best following a convincing opening day victory against Premier League.

The mummy star also wants to tie his future at Anfield until he announces his retirement. After producing outstanding results in the four years since joining from AS Roma.