“Pep” Shabu form “Bernardo” the best in the league.

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Pep Guardiola coach of Manchester City, said the form of Bernardo Silva is now considered the best in the Premier League.

Silva, Scoring of a stroke volley helped Manchester. Leicester City beat Aston Villa 2-1 on Wednesday night. It was also a blow to Steven Gerrard’s first defeat in the Premier League

when asked if Bernardo Silva was one of the Premier League’s best performers. Guardiola said:

“The best, when we scored 98 points two or three years ago he was the same best

“You go watch the video. then you will see

“It was an amazing finish. considered a good goal a fast pace Beating them was a big step forward for us.

“The performance over 90 minutes was outstanding and the way the game started.

“Sometimes he didn’t play because he wasn’t undroppable; he was not at the level. The year we got 98 points and won the league, he was the best.

Now, however, after a week in which City have scored 11 goals in three games, Guardiola is being asked if he doesn’t need one after all.

“Villa has it all. And our way of playing today is considered very good. Villa is the best team They have a lot of top players. And then there’s a good coach at the edge of the pitch.”