‘Premier Board’ solves the faucet deal Newcastle United

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Has big management of many clubs. Call on the Premier League Board Newcastle United resigned after approval of takeover, with several clubs reportedly unhappy with the Saudi funding. 

Was allowed to gobble Newcastle United last week. Without any warning, one board said, “It’s crazy, why didn’t the board quit?”

although admitting that it couldn’t do anything right now. But the scorching heat appears to be in the hands of Chief Executive Richard Masters, chairman Gary Hoffman and the Premier League’s board of directors. During the meeting last Tuesday.

The report stated that Teams like Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United are still furious at the deal. But they look like teams in the middle of the table. will be more hot

Bill Kentyre from Everton also attended the meeting in London. Representatives from Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Brighton and West Ham United clamored for an answer. Report by ufabet

A source at the club stated that “It’s bloody raging. There are many attacks. Aimed at the board of directors They know very well that this meeting very seriously, “

call for the resignation of the board. Somewhat shocked the other teams. It’s the same because it’s seen as too harsh a request.